Carrier® Factory Authorized Dealer 2016 National Meeting

March 17-19, 2016
Hyatt Regency Huntington Beach Resort and Spa - Huntington Beach, CA

The Future - Ours for the Taking

What does it mean to talk about the future? Is it tomorrow or years down the road? Are we discussing a general direction or specific plans? At Carrier®, we believe the future encompasses all of that and more. There are no boundaries in our future, only possibilities, and at the Carrier Factory Authorized Dealer 2016 National Meeting, we’ll prove that The Future is Ours for the Taking.

We will focus on Carrier’s unique brand positioning for today and tomorrow. Whether we’re working with you to understand where the Carrier brand fits in the retail economy, exchanging ideas on how to grow your business through lead generation and training, outlining sales opportunities that will be generated by new product introductions, or discussing how to maximize The Home Depot® opportunity, we’ll keep the future picture in front of us.

We will also honor your achievements with the presentation of the President’s Awards and inductions into the Carrier Dealer Hall of Fame.

So, as you look towards the future, set your sights on Huntington Beach in March, where the best of the best will be gathering for the Carrier Factory Authorized Dealer 2016 National Meeting. We’ll take the future to a whole new level.